New version of MANDALA & AURORA pedal will be released on 15th February!



Thank you for patient waiting!
New version of Mandala & Aurora pedal will be released on 15th February.

Aurora pedal has evolved from a just pitch shifted delay pedal to a delay pedal with eight modes, allowing flexible control over pitch, speed, and playback direction.


The eight modes include chromatic pitch shift delay(up & down), delay at 2x and 4x speed, reverse delay at ½x, 1x and 2x speed, and innovative “trigger delay” at 2x and 4x speed that automatically samples and loops your previous phrase when triggered by a break in the input sound.



Also, Mandala pedal finally became a multi-functional glitch pedal equipped with eight modes, including multi-speed playback, pitch shift, square wave sound, and “trigger delay”.


When this pedal is switched on, repeats the last sound received over and over. You can select playback speed at 1x and 2x speed in normal direction or ½x, 1x and 2x in reverse.

Furthermore, the eight modes include square wave shaper modes, pitch shift modes that change the pitch each time it repeats and a “trigger delay” mode at 1x and 2x speed.


These pedals will be your new strong weapons to create radical and innovative sounds.

Thank you!