Tararira arpeggiator pedal finally will be released in February!

Tararira arpeggiator pedal finally will be released in February!



After long and difficult development and numerous improvements, we're finally ready to launch the Tararira pedal in February! 

his pedal is the very arpeggiator we've been dreaming of for years. It's easy to use, fits any instrument, and allows you to save and instantly recall your favorite sequences. 

This pedal has 8 modes, 6 of which are pitch shifters with different functions, and 30 different scales to choose from. By using these modes, you can easily create phrases that cannot be done by human power, or phrases that are very unique and original.

The other 2 modes are glitch mode and toybox mode. Glitch mode is a short delay, with different playback speeds assigned to each of the eight pitches, while Toy Box mode has different effects assigned to each.

Both modes allow you to create creative phrases that you never thought possible.

In addition, 9 sequence effects that can change the progression of a sequence, and touch operation with a capacitive panel can further expand your creativity, and with MIDI synchronization, pitch input, and expression pedal control, you can use this pedal in a variety of situations. 

We hope this pedal inspires your creativity and makes you smile! 


Bananana Effects Team

Aurora & Mandala pedal has been released.

Aurora & Mandala pedal has finally been released!

Aurora pedal is a delay pedal with eight modes, allowing flexible control over pitch, speed, and playback direction.

The eight modes include chromatic pitch shift delay(up & down), delay at 2x and 4x speed, reverse delay at ½x, 1x and 2x speed, and innovative “trigger delay” at 2x and 4x speed that automatically samples and loops your previous phrase when triggered by a break in the input sound.


Mandala pedal is a multi-functional glitch pedal equipped with eight modes, including multi-speed playback, pitch shift, square wave sound, and “trigger delay”.

When this pedal is switched on, repeats the last sound received over and over. You can select playback speed at 1x and 2x speed in normal direction or ½x, 1x and 2x in reverse.

Furthermore, the eight modes include square wave shaper modes, pitch shift modes that change the pitch each time it repeats and a “trigger delay” mode at 1x and 2x speed.


We are happy if these pedals stimulate your creativity!
Thank you.